Dr Dean Lomax is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning palaeontologist, author and presenter. He travels across the world, excavating and researching dinosaurs and other ancient animals, discovering and naming new species, and regularly appears on TV as an expert and presenter, notably co-hosting the primetime TV series Dinosaur Britain. He is the author of multiple books and many academic papers, is a leading authority on ichthyosaurs, has presented a TED Talk on his unusual path to becoming a palaeontologist and won a gold medal for excellence in science communication at the Houses of Parliament. Dean earned his PhD at the University of Manchester where he is currently a Visiting Scientist and is also a patron for the UKAFH association and Mary Anning Rocks!

New book: Prehistoric Pets...

"Retrace the ancient history of seven of our favourite pets and reveal their awesome animal ancestors in this exciting pop-up book."

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Curiosity Stream Special. On-screen expert and consultant for a new documentary series about dinosaurs and prehistoric marine reptiles, called Amazing Dinoworld Check it out!
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Swaby, E. J. and Lomax, D. R. 2020. A revision of Temnodontosaurus crassimanus (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) from the Lower Jurassic (Toarcian) of Whitby, Yorkshire, UK. Historical Biology.

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Turning the Tide: Mary Anning – A Powerhouse Palaeontologist. The Mary Anning Conference of Curiosities. April 12, 2021, hosted by the Etches Museum. Tickets required.

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