Dr Dean Lomax is an internationally recognised multi-award-winning palaeontologist, author and presenter. Travelling around the world, he works on many fascinating projects from excavating dinosaurs, to discovering and naming new species, and even winning a gold medal for excellence in science. Passionate about communicating palaeontology with the public, Dean appears regularly on TV as an expert and presenter, including for the primetime series Dinosaur Britain. He has written several books, many academic papers and numerous popular articles and is a leading authority on ichthyosaurs. Dean is also a Visiting Scientist at The University of Manchester, and a patron of both the UK Association of Fossil Hunters (UKAFH), and Mary Anning Rocks. Watch his TEDx talk here.

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Curiosity Stream Special. On-screen expert and consultant for a new documentary series about dinosaurs and prehistoric marine reptiles, called Amazing Dinoworld.
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Swaby, E. J. and Lomax, D. R. 2020. A revision of Temnodontosaurus crassimanus (Reptilia: Ichthyosauria) from the Lower Jurassic (Toarcian) of Whitby, Yorkshire, UK. Historical Biology.

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Bolton Central Library and Museum. Dinosaurs of the British Isles with Dr Dean Lomax. Saturday 22 February, 13:00–14:00, at Bolton Central Library and Museum, Le Mans Crescent, Bolton, BL1 1SE. The event is FREE but you must book a ticket for each member of your party.

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