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I undertake a variety of projects as a palaeontological consultant and science communicator, often working individually or collaboratively as part of a team. This includes, but is not limited to, the development and creation of exhibitions, scientific consultancy for books and TV shows, author and reviewer, creation and delivery of public lectures and invited guest panellist, specialist training/advice and the assessment of palaeontology collections (e.g. identification, documentation and research of collections). Additionally, I also manage fieldwork projects, arrange fossil hunts and have led teams in the UK, Europe and the USA.

I am incredibly passionate about science communication and work as a consultant palaeontologist, advisor and presenter/host for various media outlets, see the media page for more details. I also lead fossil hunting trips and give talks/lectures at museums, institutions, societies, organisations and schools etc. See the events page for details.

Selected Consultancy Projects:

2023. Mary Anning 'Sea Dragon Project' at Bristol Museum: Specialist consultant for the reconstruction of a 3D ichthyosaur skull and artwork for the Mary Anning exhibition at Bristol Museum and Art Gallery.

2023. Natural History Museum, Exotic Zoo: Provided expert review of museum text and identifications of some fossils for the new palaeontology/natural history museum at Exotic Zoo in Telford).

2023. Netflix, Life on Our Planet: One of several expert consultants for the Netflix palaeontology series.  

2023. JURASSIC FESTHeadlining Wyoming’s first-ever ‘Jurassic Fest’ at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center. This included leading excavations, identifying fossils, delivering keynotes and more. 

2023. Fossil museum reviewExpert review and assessment of the Robin Hood’s Bay Museum collection, Yorkshire, UK.

2023. Kinder's Masters of Play Festival: Special guest appearance at Kinder's first in-person Masters of Play Festival, a 3-day event held at Kidzania, London. Created a hands-on dinosaur workshop, Q&A and fossil show and tell, presented over three consecutive days to children and families. This also included taking part in the press day launch as one of the celebrity scientists, alongside other media personalities including Helen Skelton, The Dad Lab and Katrina Bryan.

2022. National GeographicConsultant for a new National Geographic documentary ‘Drain the Oceans – Secrets of the Dinosaurs’ special.

2022. Jurassic Sea Dragons: Expert consultant working in collaboration with Nigel Larkin for the Alfred Gillett Trust, assessing a collection of Jurassic fossils found in Somerset more than 150 years ago and preparing a detailed plan for displays in a new museum.

2021. Sea Dragon: Scientific advisor, providing facts, figures and content for a short feature film about young Mary Anning.

2021. Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook: Consultant palaeontologist for DK, Penguin Random House, book: “Dinosaur Ultimate Handbook – The need-to-know facts and stats on more than 200 dinosaurs and prehistoric creatures”.

2021. Leeds Jurassic Trail 2: Consultant palaeontologist for Banana Kick, providing educational content for dinosaur models featured in "Leeds Jurassic Trail 2".

2021. Kinder & Cirkle: Expert and host for Kinder's Masters of Play Festival, which included a "Totally Roarsome Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax."

2021. Dinosaurs and Other Prehistoric Life: Consultant palaeontologist and reviewer for DK, Penguin Random House.

2021. My First Dinosaur Flash Cards: Consultant palaeontologist for DK, Penguin Random House.

2020. The Dinosaur Show: Education consultant for The Society of Adventurers and The Dinosaur Show.

2020. LEGO Jurassic World - The Dino Files: Consultant palaeontologist for LEGO Jurassic World book, published by DK, Penguin Random House.

2020. DnA Pr: Consultant palaeontologist for release of ‘Gigantosaurus’ TV show. What’s so Special about? A series of children’s dinosaur books written by Nicky Dee.

2020. DK, Penguin Random House: Author and consultant for a children’s book, ‘My Book of Dinosaurs and Prehistoric Life’.

2019. NHK, TV Production: Consultant palaeontologist, providing scientific input and filming presenter-led scenes for a primetime dinosaur documentary series, first aired in Japan.

2019. Doncaster College: Special lecture for students and teachers regarding my work in palaeontology, writing books and how I have overcome adversity.

2019. Lapworth Museum of Geology: Special public lecture about ichthyosaurs, including handling real specimens with the public.

2019. Western Interior Paleontological Society: Fieldtrip leader for members of WIPS, which included a trip to the Yorkshire Coast (Whitby) and an introduction to the geology and identification of fossils.

2019. Audible: Expert consultant for a series on dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals, "A Grown Up Guide To Dinosaurs". Aired first in 2019.

2018. First News and VUE Cinemas (in association with Edelman and OnlyBeattie): Special public event for children held in VUE Cinema, London, in conjunction with the release of Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom.

2018/9. DK, Penguin Random House: Author and consultant for a children’s book, ‘Dinosaurs Discovered’.

2017/8. Jurassic Kingdom: Consultant palaeontologist for educational materials for a travelling dinosaur exhibition in the UK and Europe.

2017. The Royal Society/Doncaster Museum: Exhibition design and science communication project regarding the ‘Local Science Heroes’ funding stream from The Royal Society.

2017. Jurassic Coast World Heritage Team: Expert consultant tasked in creating and delivering a workshop for teachers, revolving around a scientific discovery.

2016–19. Dragonfly Group Ltd: Consultant palaeontologist for a series of children’s dinosaur books (‘What’s so Special about? and ‘The Bone Wars’), authored by Nicky Dee.

2015. Maverick TV production (for ITV): Series advisor and on-screen expert presenter for Dinosaur Britain. Providing scientific input for script and CGI reconstructions with Jellyfish Pictures.

2015. Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery (Education Department): Consultant palaeontologist – exhibition design, development and creation of new palaeontology gallery, Fossil Wonders.

2015. Thinktank Museum, Birmingham Museums, Birmingham: Consultant palaeontologist working collaboratively with a team – Specialist research, identification & assessment, culminating in a 3D ichthyosaur being displayed.

2014. Abingdon County Hall Museum, Oxfordshire: Consultant palaeontologist with Nigel Larkin – Collections review of ~900 fossils & exhibition design.

2012–2014. Doncaster Museum and Art Gallery – CIRCA Project (funded by the Esmée Fairbairn Foundation): Freelance Curator of Palaeontology, including assessment of ~12,000 fossils, including identification and re-storage of specimens.

2013. Royal Albert Memorial Museum (RAMM), Exeter: Consultant palaeontologist with Nigel Larkin – Collections review of 1000+ fossils, including identification.

2011. Menat Quarry, central France: Consultant field palaeontologist and quarry manager for a Palaeocene-aged Lagerstätte, which included collecting and curating a collection of 262 specimens.

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