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I am an experienced public speaker and have won multiple awards for my work in science communication, including winning a gold medal for excellence in science at the Set For Britain 2015 event held at the Houses of Parliament, London.

Whether it is working with schools, speaking at specialist societies or giving keynote lectures, I have delivered hundreds of public (and private) outreach events. I enjoy nothing more than sharing my passion for palaeontology with people of all ages, from children to learned academics. – In August 2022, I had the great honour of opening the Yorkshire Natural History Museum in Sheffield… with a dinosaur (Baryonyx) claw.

Some of my keynote lectures include speaking at the CENTA Festival of Science, announcing the discovery of a new British dinosaur (Dracoraptor) at the National Museum of Wales, and delivering a talk to Junior Chamber International (JCI) about overcoming adversity. I have also lectured to audiences at the The Royal Institution of Great Britain Faraday Theatre and at the Cheltenham Science Festival. At the latter, one member of the public stated: “That was the best lecture of the festival!" Among my most recent projects, in 2021, I teamed up with Kinder as part of their first-ever Masters of Play Festival, which included a "Totally Roarsome Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax. Have you also seen my Natural History Museum Nature Live Talk + Q&A?

In 2019, I presented a TED talk about my unusual path to a successful career in palaeontology and why being told “stop playing with dinosaurs and get a real job” excelled my passion for palaeontology ever further. You can watch the talk here: My unorthodox path to success: How my passion for the past shaped my future. In 2021, I led the excavation of the 'Rutland Sea Dragon', the most complete skeleton of a large prehistoric reptile ever found in the UK. You can watch my 2022 TED talk about this sensational discovery: "Unearthing a Jurassic giant from the age of the dinosaurs".

Drop me a line if you’re interested in arranging an event, be it a lecture, panel discussion, corporate event, to go hunt dinosaurs (or other fossils) together, or anything else dinosaur and palaeontology-related.🦖

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  • Turning the Tide: Mary Anning – A Powerhouse Palaeontologist. Keynote lecture and book signing for The Association for Science Education, Annual Conference 2023. Friday, January 6, 2023 (14:00-15:30) at Owen 1028 Lecture Theatre, Sheffield Hallam University. Tickets here.


  • The F. L. Attenborough Lecture: Unearthing the ‘Rutland Sea Dragon’ – The UK’s Most Complete Jurassic Giant. Invited speaker for The Leicester Literary & Philosophical Society. Monday, February 20, 2023 (19:30-21:00) at New Walk Museum, 53 New Walk, Leicester, LE1 7EA. Tickets here


  • Kinder's Masters of Play Festival 2023 (x3 day event) – Dr Lomax will be appearing at Kinder's first in-person Masters of Play Festival, held at Kidzania, London. He will be working with children and families, creating hands-on workshops, Q&A's and fossil show and tells. Dr Lomax will also take part in the press day as one of the celebrity scientists, alongside other media personalities including Helen Skelton, The Dad Lab and Katrina Bryan. Sunday, April 2 - Tuesday, April 4, 2023. More details here and here



  • Dr Dean Lomax at The PLOWRIGHT THEATRE (x2 free events) – Dr Lomax will be delivering two different public events brought to you by North Lincolnshire Council's Year of Reading. #1 Matinee (13:00)The Adventures of a Dinosaur Hunter#2 Evening (18:00)The Adventures of a Palaeontologist: Digging Dinosaurs, Hunting Sea Dragons & Talking on TVSaturday, May 13, 2023 (1pm & 6pm) at Plowright Theatre, Scunthorpe. More details and FREE Tickets here

  • Meet Dr Dean Lomax at Dinosaurs in the Park, Plymouth – Guest appearance, palaeontology talk and Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax at the 'Palaeontologist Dig Site Headquarters'. Sunday, May 28, 2023 at Dinosaurs in the Park, Plymouth. Tickets here


  • The Adventures of a Dinosaur Hunter, at the Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life Talk & Book Signing. Meet Dr Dean Lomax, listen to a talk about his career as a real-life palaeontologist and get your books signed. Saturday, June 17, 2023 at the Mountain America Museum of Ancient Life, 2929 N Thanksgiving Way, Lehi, Utah, USA, 84043. More here.

  • Jurassic Fest - Passion for the Past, at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center – Would you like to hunt dinosaurs with Dr Dean Lomax in the heart of dinosaur country? Well, now is your chance! Dr Lomax is headlining Wyoming's first-ever 'Jurassic Fest', a two-day dinosaur extravaganza which will include opportunities to dig with Dr Dean, hunt for new dinosaur sites, listen to Dr Lomax and other guest speakers at an exclusive lecture series and get a first look at the upcoming epic dino documentary, ''Why Dinosaurs?''. Friday, June 23 - Saturday, June 24, 2023 at the Wyoming Dinosaur Center, Thermopolis, 110 Carter Ranch Rd. More details and tickets here. Check out my interview with Mac Watson on Kodi Radio.

  • Unearthing the 'Rutland Sea Dragon' – The science of 'Sea Dragons'Talk & Book Signing. Special guest lecture for The Friends of Dinosaur Ridge. This talk focuses on ichthyosaurs, especially the excavation of the 'Rutland Sea Dragon' and includes an overview of Dr Lomax's book, 'LOCKED IN TIME', which has a connection to Dinosaur Ridge. Friday, June 30, 2023 at the Mines Museum of Earth Science, Colorado School of Mines, 1310 Maple St, Golden, CO 80401, USA. More here.


  • Meet Dr Dean Lomax at Dinosaurs in the Park, Manchester – Guest appearance, palaeontology talk and Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax at the 'Palaeontologist Dig Site Headquarters'. DATE TBC at Dinosaurs in the Park, Heaton Park, Manchester. Tickets here

  • The Adventures of a Palaeontologist Talk & Book Signing. Meet Dr Dean Lomax, listen to a talk about his career as a real-life palaeontologist and get your books signed. Part of Lancaster Dino Fest, Saturday, July 8, 2023 (13:00) at The Rake at The Dukes, Lancaster. More here.

  • Guest appearance at Global Birdfair Talk & Book Signing. Dr Lomax will be delivering two public events at this year's Global Birdfair. #1 (11:00): Dinosaur Q&A and talk alongside time-travelling presenter, Nigel Marven, where Dr Lomax will discuss some of his books. #2 (14:00)Unearthing the 'Rutland Sea Dragon' - a double-act talk with the finder of the RSD, Joe DavisSunday, July 16, 2023 at Global Birdfair, Rutland Showground, Rutland. More details here


  • Meet Dr Dean Lomax at Dinosaurs in the Park, Cardiff – Guest appearance, palaeontology talk and Q&A with Dr Dean Lomax at the 'Palaeontologist Dig Site Headquarters'. Saturday, August 26, 2023 at Dinosaurs in the Park, Bute Park, Cardiff. Tickets here


  • HOLLYWOOD - Red carpet premiere for the documentary, "WHY DINOSAURS?" – Dr Lomax will be delivering a talk and introducing the upcoming dinosaur documentary, "WHY DINOSAURS?", at the red carpet premiere in Hollywood, LA, at the Harmony Gold Theatre on Sunset Boulevard. This documentary is created by father and son team, Tony and James Pinto, who travel the globe interviewing palaeontologists, dinosaur fans, artists, toy collectors, the director of Jurassic World and more. Friday, November 3, 2023 at Harmony Gold Theatre, Hollywood. More details here.


  • Unearthing the "Rutland Sea Dragon" The UK's Most Complete Jurassic Giant (followed by Locked In Time book signing) Talk & Book Signing. Dr Lomax is an invited speaker for this year's TetZooCon 2023. Saturday, December 2, 2023 at Bush House, King’s College, The Strand, London. Tickets here

Additional events for 2023 TBC. 

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