Dean is a multiple award-winning palaeontologist, science communicator and author. He has travelled around the world and worked on many fascinating projects from excavating dinosaurs in the American West to discovering new fossil hunting locations and describing new species of extinct marine reptiles. An Honorary Scientist at The University of Manchester, Dean is passionate about communicating palaeontology and actively engages with traditional and social media. He has written two books, numerous scientific papers and many popular articles and regularly appears on television, most recently as series advisor and recurring on-screen expert presenter for ITV’s Dinosaur Britain (a two-part series based in-part on the book Dinosaurs of the British Isles). Dean is also the patron of UKAFH.

New book

"This is a thorough, scholarly work presented in a format accessible to everyone. Every dinosaur worker in the world should have a copy"*

*Dr David Martill, University of Portsmouth

TV Appearance.
Watch out for Dinosaur Britain on ITV 1 (repeat) – Dean is the on-screen expert presenter and series advisor for this two-part documentary. Wednesday 30 December (4.30 pm) & Thursday 31 December (2.30 pm).
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New Publication.
Lomax, D. R. 2016. A new leptonectid ichthyosaur from the Lower Jurassic (Hettangian) of Nottinghamshire, England, UK, and the taxonomic usefulness of the ichthyosaurian coracoid. Journal of Systematic Palaeontology.
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Saturday August, 20, 2016. (11.00 am–6.00 pm)
Communicating Science – Palaeontology and the Public. Keynote speaker for the CENTA Festival of Research. Friday 16 September (3.00–3.45 pm) at the University of Leicester.
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