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Dr Dean Lomax is an internationally recognised, multi-award-winning palaeontologist, author, and presenter. He travels across the world excavating and researching dinosaurs and other ancient animals, discovering and naming new species and regularly appears on TV as an expert and presenter, notably co-hosting the primetime TV series Dinosaur Britain. He is the author of multiple books and many academic papers, is a leading authority on ichthyosaurs, and won a gold medal for science communication at the Houses of Parliament. Dean earned his PhD at The University of Manchester, where he is currently an Honorary Research Fellow. He is also an 1851 Research Fellow at The University of Bristol. — In 2021, he led the excavation of the 'Rutland Sea Dragon', the most complete skeleton of a large prehistoric reptile ever found in the UK. Watch his TED talk about this sensational discovery.

New book:


A beautifully illustrated, thoroughly researched but accessibly written tour of animals forever locked in time. 

Dr. Darren Naish

In a world full of books about dinosaurs, this one is truly original. 

— Goodreads

An outstanding and highly original piece of popular science. Believe me, you have not seen a book like this before.

Inquisitive Biologist

A rousing romp through the fossil record. 

— Prof. Steve Brusatte

Lomax and Nicholls achieve the closest thing to time travel in bringing the prehistoric back to life.

— Riley Black

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